Signed Off

It’s a sentence on its own which doesn’t need any explanation. It’s a weird thing, a shameful thing, something not to tell anyone at all. Having a doctor ask you about your problems and then sending you a digital note stating that you’re deemed unfit for work for ‘x’ number of weeks, is quite frankly,Continue reading “Signed Off”

Was it an experience?

 The recent months have been tough. Mental health has taken a hit, but there is respite in knowing that it is not a solitary phenomenon. Edging toward the tail end of the third lockdown, fatigue is ever-present among friends, family, and strangers I pass on my long woodland walks.  Without the regular distractions of full-timeContinue reading “Was it an experience?”

Newborn Lepidopterist

We are sitting approximately 12 feet apart. I am on top of the dragon, and he is down in the shade of a plum tree. We are listening to my Spotify ‘discover weekly’ playlist through a Bluetooth speaker placed awkwardly between us, and we are both working on our respective creative vices. I used toContinue reading “Newborn Lepidopterist”

Quarantine Diaries

 People may joke about the people with mental health drastically tampering with their physical appearance during lockdown, but by day two I’d bleached my hair twice. My newfound Fluoxetine fluidity has meant that the Corona virus quarantine hasn’t been as endangering as it would have been two weeks ago. I want to elaborate on that lastContinue reading “Quarantine Diaries”