Billie Ballard

Billie Ballard is a nonbinary, queer writer whose interests focus on social issues; particularly mental health, LGBTQIA+ culture and inclusivity. Having been lucky enough to visit several continents, in time Billie wants to combine travel with their passion for sustainability and the climate crisis by exploring zero emissions travelling. 

Always a keen blogger, Billie has written a series of socially conscious blogs for the independent cosmetics company ‘Pincerna’. Alongside this, they maintain their personal blog ‘Congrats, it’s a black sheep’ which discusses their personal experience with mental health. Billie also co-hosts a mental health podcast ‘Mentality Matters’, which aims to have an open discussion about the stigma of mental health in society.

Due to their own tumultuous relationship with the world, Billie prides themselves on pushing boundaries in their writing. By exploring difficult topics and experimenting with form, they hope to give a voice to uncomfortable or unlikely areas of life.

Billie has recently taken up a position as House Blogger at the independent coffee house Out of Office Coffee. It is a role that will unpack the speciality coffee industry and bring it into the mainstream, as well as looking at the environmental consciousness of third wave coffee.

Currently studying an MA at Bath Spa university in Travel & Nature writing, Billie is focused on a variety of creative projects, including an investigation into the inclusiveness and sustainability within the third wave coffee industry. They are also in the process of planning a biographical short story collection made up of stories from the relationship between mental health and nature, as told by their friends.

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